1. AngularJS will initialize when the DOM content is loaded.
  2. Looks for the ng-app directive – if its found, that is the root of the app
  3. Directives can be declared a variety of ways: typically with the ng- prefix (e.g. ng-controller)
  4. Load the module associated with the directive if specified
  5. When it knows with model to use for particular scope/code block it will start replacing all binding elements (e.g. curly braces, ng-bind)
  6. Uses Constructor Injection to pass dependences and decide order of initialization

AnuglarJS Modularize client side code primarily into Model, View and Controller (MVC). Making is easy to serarate areas of concern and make code more managable.



Image Reference : https://docs.angularjs.org/img/guide/concepts-databinding2.png

AngularJS breaks code into lots of different parts: