What is AngularJS?

  • AngularJS is front-end javascript framework
  • Used to create dynamic web pages
  • Follows MVC pattern of development
  • Its open source framework maintained by Google
  • Uses declarative programming
  • Does all sorts of client side operations like DOM manipulation, registaring callbacks, Updating UI based on data, input and filters

Why we need AngularJS?

AngularJS allows to do  client side code to be modularized, reusable and remove d

  • Creating dynamic UI
  • Decouple client side from server side 
  • Modularize application at client side
  • Writing resuable code
  • Manupulating DOM dynamically
  • Do more work in less code
  • Peforming CRUID operation from UI
  • Exellent for creating responsive websites
  • Easy to test