Yoga for Everyone-Everyday


Please consult your doctor before you start practicing.

There are 114 cycles in the human body, these are nothing but meeting place/joints of nerves. This confluence always occurs in the form of a triangle. Since this joint has different dimensions related to speed it is called as Chakra/Circle.

Chakras have more than one dimension to them. One dimension is their physical existence, but they also have a spiritual dimension.

For example, if you bring the right kind of awareness, the same Muladhara that craves food and sleep, can become absolutely free from the process of food and sleep

Let's understand 7 basic chakras of the body.

Moolaadhaar Kundli Chakra


aka Root Chakra (मूलाधार चक्र)

Chakra #: 1

Element: Earth

Color: Red

Located in: Base of spine

Deals with : Survival, Energy distribution and practicality, Courage

Bloacked by : Fear

How to Achive: You must overcome your fear.Your vision is not real. Your concern is for your survival. Let your fear go down the creeks.

Knowledge Senses: Smell

Action Senses: Descimination

Svaadhishthaan Kundli Chakra


aka Sacral Chakra (स्वाधिष्ठान चक्र)

Chakra #: 2

Element: Water

Color: Orange

Located in: Lower abdomin just above navel 

Deals with : Pleasure / Sexuality, Creativity, Feelings and Exploration

Bloacked by : Guilt

How to Achive:  Release all blame and guilt within you... Accept reality, These things happens. Dont let them cloud and poison your energy. Dont blame yourself, Forgive your self.

Knowledge Senses: Taste

Action Senses: Reproduction

Manipoorak Kundli Chakra


aka Solar Plexus Chakra (मणिपूरक चक्र)

Chakra #: 3

Element: Fire

Color: Yellow

Located in: Stomach, below ribcage

Deals with : Will power / Power, Sense of identity, Self confidence and Personal Power

Bloacked by : Shame

How to Achive: Accept and love all aspects of who you are, even your mistakes... Release all your letdowns and disappointments...

Knowledge Senses: Sight

Action Senses: Movement

Anaahat Kundli Chakra


aka Heart Chakra (अनाहत चक्र)

Chakra #: 4

Element: Air

Color:  Green

Located in: Center of Heart

Deals with : Love, Relationship, Personal Development, Direction and Sharing

Bloacked by : Grief

How to Achive: Release all your sadness and loss

Knowledge Senses: Touch

Action Senses: Grasping

Vishuddhi Kundli Chakra


aka Sound/Truth Chakra (विशुद्धि चक्र)

Chakra #: 5

Element: ​Ether

Color:  Blue

Located in: Throat

Deals with : Truth / Communication, Personal Expression and Flow of information 

Bloacked by : Lies

How to Achive: Release your denial and the lies you tell yourself... You can not lie about your own nature.

Knowledge Senses: Hearing

Action Senses: Speech

Aagya - Kundli Chakra


aka Third Eye / Light Chakra (आज्ञा चक्र)

Chakra #: 6

Element: Mind ​

Color:  Indigo

Located in: Center of eye brows

Deals with : Insight / Intution, Perseption, Knowledge and Mental Organization

Bloacked by : Illusion (Illusion of separation)

How to Achive: We are all one people, but we live as separated. Everything is connected. Collective Consciousness.

Knowledge Senses: Buddhi

Action Senses: Facial Expression

Sahasraar / Brahmarandhra Kundli Chakra


aka Crown Chakra (सहस्रार​ चक्र​)

Chakra #: 7

Element: Mind ​

Color: Vibgyor

Located in: Just above the top/crown of head

Deals with : Cosmic Energy / Spirituality, Cosmic Preception, Intution and Inspiration

Bloacked by : Earthly Attachments / Ego Attachment

How to Achive:  Complete control of your thoughts and actions. Release all your earthly attachments; let go of all you've grown to love... Realize letting go does not mean it truly disappears... You are then able to connect to your perfect- or higher self.

Knowledge Senses: Union

Action Senses: Salvation