If you would like to try Frameworks, Libraries, Samples without downloading or installing software's. Here is list of things you can try online (and share if you want -No-Download / No-Installation is required)- 

  • UI/UX Frameworks-Tools-Utilities : 

    • JSBin
    • JSFiddle
      • Test your JavaScript, CSS, HTML or CoffeeScript online with JSFiddle code editor. 
  • Database Tools

    • SQL Fiddle
      • Sql Fiddle tool for easy online testing and sharing of database problems and their solutions.
Things you can try :

MySQL, Oracle, Postgre, SQL Lite, MS SQL Server, Jquery, Jquery UI, Jquery Mobile, Bootstrap, Prototype,YUI, Glow, MooTools, Dojo, Kendo UI, Qunit, Zepto, Angular, Enyo, Shipyard,  Backbone, Marionette JS, Bonsai, Kinetice JS, FabricJS, Qooxdoom,  D3, Create JS, Web App Install, Thorax, Paper.js,   CoffeeScript, Ember JS, ES5 Shim, ext-core, Foundation, Knockout, The X toolkit,  Lessm Lodash, Modernizr, Prefixfree, Processing, ExtJS, D3, Raphael, Right JS, Sammy, Sencha Touch, Traceur, Tweeter Lib, Underscore, Can JS, Three.js, HTML 5 shiv, Lungo, Polymer, React, Svg.js, Minified, jType, Lo-Dash, Brick,  Font Awesome,  etc… You can also try custom libraries.